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Buddy is an older dog who was born on or around 9-5-2015. He was born into a family and lived with them and his siblings until they had to return to their home country.  They homed all of his siblings and took the mother with with them so he was left with us. He is finding it difficult to accept any other dog as he misses his family, so ideally he needs to be an only dog in a family.

He is a large Podengo mix, his mother was a small black dog! He is very loving with people and children as he grew up with them. he is an energetic dog who loves running and walking.  He does not have any prey drive.


He is neutered, fully vaccinated and has a passport so is ready to travel anywhere in Europe or the UK. 


As he is an older dog and uncomfortable with other dogs he lives alone here at the shelter. For these reasons he is less likely to find a loving home so is looking for a sponsor to help with his care, vaccinations and any vet bills he may accrue. Just 10€ monthly helps hugely.

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